Welcome to Kadabra.co.za managed by Doug Kemp!

This site originally started as a placeholder domain for my email and G Suite accounts, which I use to test and work on various projects the name belonged to an SEO agency that I founded in 2011 and has trailed me round ever since. Over time, Kadabra evolved to reflect my active interest in several South African news and personal development projects, where we leverage AI content generation and test various automation scripts and projects in php, python and other WordPress developments.

Recently, I decided to transform Kadabra.co.za into a general blog. Here, you’ll find commentary on SEO, random development-related topics, and insights into technical advancements. Our focus remains on delivering valuable content and discussions, particularly in the areas of SEO and other technology solutions.

For the past twenty years, I have catered to the online industry, spending the last fifteen years specializing in creating and implementing effective internet marketing strategies with a particular focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in restricted industries. My professional career has been shaped by roles in iGaming, Fintech, Medical, and Retail services, where I played key roles in enterprises and startups. In recent years, I have focused on eCommerce brands in the USA, implementing paid search and SEO strategies, and leading development projects using AI technologies and unique systems built on AI.

I thrive in complex, dynamic, and fast-paced work environments, translating technical jargon into actionable, measurable, and sustainable strategies.

As a management consultant since 2021, I have guided affiliates in retail and iGaming operations, optimizing outreach, link acquisition, blog networks, and SEO processes. My responsibilities include budgeting, acquisitions, risk evaluation, and organizational training. I am hands-on, involved in SEO implementation and reporting, and providing strategic insights.

Previously, as Head of SEO at Search Project, I managed multi-regional SEO projects, growing top-tier affiliate sites and maintaining key stakeholder relationships. As Marketing Director at Giant Outsource and Recovery Direct, I developed lead acquisition strategies for lottery brands and managed marketing for an exclusive addiction treatment center, respectively. My role at Sprout Performance Partners involved creating marketing strategies for retail and banking brands, while at 100 Degrees Online Marketing, I managed high-budget SEO campaigns for major UK insurance brands.

As the founder and director of Kadabra Online Marketing, I developed automation suites for SEO clients, established Private Blog Networks, and directed business operations. My tenure as Head of Search Marketing at Osiris Trading involved developing link acquisition strategies and leading SEO teams. Early in my career, I gained experience in SEO and web development at ForwardSlash, IT management at 0861travel, IT consulting at Computer Mania, and technical support roles at CCII Systems, Concordia Electronics, and ITI Online.

For more information or to discuss how we can help your business succeed online, please get in touch.

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