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Ryan from PassionateOutdoor <[email protected]>
Mon 5 Nov, 16:02 (8 days ago)
to admin

Hey there,

I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far!

My name is Rayan and I am Content Manager at PassionateOutdoor

Couple of days back I was doing some research and landed on your awesome post: SEO Report : Web Optimisation Report For

here is its link:

I also got to know that you have linked to as a supplementary resource.

Which is undoubtedly a great read.

But I didn’t find it comprehensive enough which could answer all the queries which newbie campers may have, (especially when they are out with their kids).

Because of it, I have created a 5000-word ultimate guide of camping tips and tricks for family campers.

Would appreciate if you have a look at this beast.

And here is it.

Please let me know what you think of it.

And if you find it link worthy, please be generous.


While going through your website it’s quite evident that you care about providing your readers with the best advice. I thought our guide would be a natural fit as a supplement for their fly fishing queries.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope you have a beautiful day!

Cheers, Rayan


Ryan from PassionateOutdoor <[email protected]>
Thu 8 Nov, 03:00 (5 days ago)
to admin

Hey there,Hope you are doing well.

Well, I understand that you are a busy person.

I was just making sure that you got my last email (See Below).

Would love to collaborate with you.



Ryan from PassionateOutdoor <[email protected]>
03:00 (7 hours ago)
to admin

Hey there,

I didn’t hear back from you in response to my email sent last week.

And then I re-checked the contact detail given at your site, and it seems correct (please connect me to the right person in case they ain’t).Would love to hear back.


Doug from my desk <[email protected]>


Hey Ryan thanks for reaching out to me. I’m glad you liked my post on it took many hours of my life to compose.

I read your article on Camping hacks and was truly blown away, such grace, such inspiration absolutely groundbreaking stuff sir! The internet must have imploded backwards creating a black hole vacuum for camping people to fall into.

Ryan I do however appreciate your efforts in trying to solicit a link from me but in truth I don’t have a very positive track record when it comes to camping and anyone who knows me can attest to my severe camping inability and I do feel it may be disingenuous for me to link an Free SEO backlink tool for South African Websites ONLY to a random page on your camping website.

Here are a two of my example scenarios of why I would not be considered an authoritative source for camping information.

  • I once went camping in Pilanesberg Game Reserve in the middle of winter and damn near froze my balls off. We woke up the next morning to discover that over the night a wash up bucket that contained all our cooking utensils and cutlery had frozen solid. Everyone was miserable and we cut the weekend short as there seemed to be no point in dying of hypothermia just to say “we went camping”.
  • There was another time when I arrived at the campsite just as the sun was setting. The tent that I just bought was brand new and I had no idea one required a rocket science degree to erect 2 pole dome thing. It got to about 8pm and I finally decided that it would serve me better to give up and start a fire and drink copious quantities of beer. I gathered enough wood to last me through the evening under the light of my car headlights just before the heavens opened to torrential rain downpour. Soaked and disgruntled I spent the remainder of the evening trying to sleep on the back seat of my VW beetle. The next morning I woke up at 4:30am with a splitting headache only to discover that I had left the car headlights on overnight and that the remainder of my new tent had blown into the nearby lake.

I have many other band camp tales that are much the same or similar iterations of this theme that either involve perilous encounters with Africa’s wildlife or me being drunk and doing something seriously dumb and in most cases all of the above.

Pretty much all my friends know I suck at camping, I bring impractical stuff that breaks or does not work and it has become somewhat of a running joke, but in all seriousness Ryan this is why I don’t get invited to go camping with my friends anymore.

However seeing as how you are one persistent bastard, and I like persistent bastards like myself they have a special place in my heart so I devote this post in honour of your request.

Backlink achievement level 1.

All the best


Ryan Taylor

1 hour ago

Hey Dough,

The moment I grabbed my morning coffee and opened my email, instantly all the clouds in the sky fade away and I see the rainbow. Soon I realized that I have fallen in love with you (despite you made me fire my VA)

I am printing this email and framing it.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to show it to my grandchildren that what a persistent bastard I was.

And please don’t delete this post too… it will be the hallmark of the links I will get for my website.

Currently browsing through your website looking for the possibility to stay in touch.

Yours truly,


P.S: Since you suck so much in camping you seriously need to go through all stuff from

P.S.S: You responded after the third email but still I won’t let you miss my fourth email which I had scheduled for you.

4th Email Day 14 Monday

Subject: Every 5 sec,79,181 lbs of trash is thrown in US. Let’s Recycle this email.


Let’s keep this one short (about 5 secs)

Your resource page: + My resource Link =

Your Audience



The End

Rest of the details are below.