Kadabra Feedback From Ronel

Dear Doug

How on earth you get your WHO-IS record to show “Redacted” for everything amazes me!

I love your online tool and I am systematically running all the websites I’ve written through it, to try and get their standard up as best I can within given constraints. Thank you.

I tested a site today, Citrusdalcellars.co.za, which is fully W3C validation compliant and the code snippet is on each page of the website, yet it shows as not validated in Kadabra.  I’m curious as to whether your tool actually looks at this, and if so, why it would not recognize this site as W3C validated?

Would love a response and I promise not to try and sell you anything, ask for my blog post to be on your site, etc..

Kind regards

Small Business Volution

Reply : Douglas Kemp <doug @ kadabra.co.za>

Hey Ronel

Wow 81 that’s a near perfect score in my book.

The whois form is just a simple query, provided we don’t hit co.za too hard they don’t mind serving it. The “REDACTED” portion is the cloaked bits that co.za has now implemented in an attempt to comply with the global mandates on GDPR compliance for domain registrars. We simply print out what they spit back to our query.

The W3C validation function was one of many that ship with the script that runs Kadabra.

In my humble opinion w3c validation is more of a suggestion than a prerequisite. The standards are more used in good house keeping browser companies making browser software than to enforce standards compliant developers where user experience, speed and functionality supersede the compliance check boxing.

Of course keeping good code standards is the better option but not always practical.

Certainly from an SEO standpoint the W3C compliance is a non-event as most of the sites on the open internet do not fully comply (including Kadabra, Google etc).

To my knowledge when I looked at the function it did actually run the URL query on the w3c validation tool and if it brought back errors then it failed. This being said, I have not tested the logic in quite some time and as it is reliant on a 3rd party site response thus there is every possibility that it could have fallen over on it’s face at some point.

On the whole and after a 3 nanosecond look at http://citrusdalcellars.co.za/ I would say your site is pretty rock solid. I took the liberty of looking at the rest of your company websites you guys have worked on and I would have to say well done. These static sites are marvellous creations for speed and customisability but a lot more labour intensive.

Hope this helps

Thanks for reaching out to me