Hello I saw you linked to x and I have y

Im so sick of automated outreach with follow up email nag’s I have un-characteristically started spam reporting emails. So unless you want me to spam report your “outreach campaign” may I suggest the following.

Link Submission

Getting links on Kadabra.co.za is free if you are as South African website generating a report. If you do NOT have a South African site or service and what to “advertise” on Kadabra. See below points.

Content Submission Guidelines

If you have a unique content item that you would like me to post in reciprocation to some or other service. Please make sure that the service is a legitimate, wholesome and awesome service that readers of my site may be genuinely interested in and i will consider posting it. Keep your $30 for a rain day.

That’s about the sum total of the “service offering” free link for South African websites, or a free genuinely interesting content article for this blog.

If you don’t have either one or the other then don’t bother spamming me.